Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa Baby

Aub and I ran into Santa at the Commissary....that was the only time she sat on his lap. She's been scared shitless of him since- hahahaha!

Santa visited Nicole at school--- check out his eyebrows--- they are hot!

With Madeline visiting Santa at the mall.

Most depressing play date ever

I'm blogging this basically because I feel like I should.....if you get sad easily and don't feel like crying today, you might want to skip this post.

We attended a play date yesterday at a classmate from last year's house. Her bff, Jordan, and her Mom also attended, along with a couple of other ladies & their children. I hadn't met either of them before, but had seen them in the hallway of Nicole's school. We sat there and talked, the kids played..... then the host Mom says to one of the other Moms, "I have to ask you something personal, I don't how to, but Kaleb has been saying stuff and I just don't know if it's true." Without her saying anything else the Mom replies, "Yes, my husband passed away in July". I sat there looking at her waiting for her to say that he was killed in a car accident....something.....and then she says that he was a Navy Seal and that he was killed in a humvee in Iraq. My heart instantly broke for her. Tears started flowing....not from her, from me, from Jordan's Mom. It was awful. I just couldn't believe it. I felt an instant sadness for this young Mom and her three little children. She's my age, he was my age. She held her composure and told us all about it, told us how she was notified. It was so heartbreaking! I never could imagine......

Anyway, now that I have completely depressed you, please say a prayer for this woman and her family....two young sons and a little daughter just 18 months old.

Here's a link to an article about him http://www.courant.com/news/specials/hc-ctwar-casualty-jlewis,0,2095361.story

Friday, December 7, 2007

Nicole's Big Night!

Nicole's big Christmas performance was last night. She loved getting all dressed up.....I think she would have been happy if we let her sleep in her dress :) Her buddies Madeline & Jordan performed as well. Fun times!

Practicing for her Christmas performance

Check out this video!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So, ya

Another week done and over with!

What can I say? It was a long one!

Still no cat. All we can hope is she found another family to live with and that she's safe & warm somewhere.

Nicole had her Thanksgiving feast at school yesterday. We signed up to bring in the pumpkin pie & cool whip. Mrs. Tinker said none of the kids really liked it-- little snots! :) Nicole was a little upset that I didn't join her for her feast until I reminded her that Aubrey would have had to come and she might not have been very fun- haha!

Mike isn't having too good of a time lately. Acutally, I take that back, he feels better today. His back went out on Monday..... I swear he has had the worst luck health wise this year. I think he had the stomach flu twice, one time so bad he had to get an iv. He pretty much sat in medical for two days. And now this back thing. It's was so bad they prescribed him hard core narcotics. Then the poor dude calls me from work yesterday and says he has a flat tire! I had to bring him a jack and he refused to let me change it--- you should have seen him with his gimped up back trying to get the tire changed! Like I said though, he's better today, which is good since we leave tomorrow.

Yep, we're off to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. Opted to leave tomorrow since Mike is working today and both of the girls have school. We'll stay til next Wednesday. We're pretty excited because my favorite father-in-law scored us tickets to the Steeler game on Monday- high five!

Anyway, we hope y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Safe travels to those of you that are hitting the road!

Miss & love you all!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Orange Beak-a-Lop & Fudge

The birds. Here they are!!! They are some egg laying freaks! Every couple of weeks there's a new nest full. I think they have 7 in there right now. Not sure if they are both female or what, because none have hatched. I've heard that it could take time for them to get the hang of it though.....guess we'll find out eventually! I have to say, they are like the best pets ever! So easy to take care of and not loud and obnoxious at all.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The latest....

The week is over!

Our cat ran away one week ago yesterday. Not sure where she went, but hope she isn't roadkill somewhere. It's been really cold out too..... would be nice if she ended up somewhere safe & warm.

Had the girls' parent/ teacher conferences. Aubrey got A's in everything (Almost Always is able to do things). Nicole got half and half S's & O's (Satisfactory, Outstanding)....few N's (Needs Improvement)-- the girl can't skip! Haha! They are both doing great in school though. They love it!

Mike's been landscaping this weekend, making some extra xmas cash for the fam. Worked all day Sat and is working again today. He enjoys it, he really truly thinks it's fun (he's crazy!). He's got another 5K on Wednesday-- that means another t-shirt for me, yeah!

Took Nicole to see Bee Movie yesterday with her friend, Jordan, from school....Paige & Jordan also joined us. I liked it! Not sure how much the kids enjoyed it, but I thought it was pretty dang funny.

Was really excited to get home and see we were about to win the Steeler pool.....which we did! Too bad it wasn't last week when the pot was up to a grand- that's ok, we'll still take it!

Another week starts today. We're picking up Madeline from preschool for some afternoon entertainment. Nicole can't wait!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Aubrey's Fashion Sense

She must get it from her Aunt Abby! (haha!)

Go Steelers!!!!

Monster Dash

Check him out-- another 5K under his belt! (Sorry the picture is so small!)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Elmo Live

Free tickets again this year, from our favorite cousin, Kristin! Aubrey was jammin! (rhe video isn't the best quality, but you can see her dancing!)

Miss Jen & Mr. Chris

Jordan & Paige's parents......they are our friends even though they live outside of the "sac" (cul-de-sac that is- hahaha!)

Jordan & Paige

The girls love these two!

Cousin Madeline

Madeline joined us for the "Trunk-or-Treat" event. She goes to the same preschool as the girls.

Nicole's Best Buddy

Nicole & Jordan are pals. They are in the same class this year and were in the same one last year. Her Dad is also from Pittsburgh--- figures!


Busy Halloween week for us this year!

We participated in "Trunk-or-Treat" held by the girls' preschool. Mike, of course, was all into it. He decorated the van and then entertained the other moms with his silly remarks all morning. The kids loved it!