Saturday, May 2, 2009

Time To Catch Up!

Holy crap, I guess we've been busy!!!!

Can you even believe it's May? I can't! This year has FLOWN by. I know I always say that. Glad we have kids & activities that keep us so occupied :)

Please take some time and check out all of the posts below.....the ones from April and May are all new and there are tons of pictures. You might just find yourself in a photo or two below! Check them out! Go all the way to the "warming up" post- that's where we last left you.

I'm trying to think of what we have been up to since I last updated. I guess the end of winter really dragged on and that was depressing. Then spring hit and- BAM- we became super busy again.

The girls are winding down their year of dance......they will have a recital in June at one of the huge venues here. I'm nervous for them! They might be overwhelmed by the size of the place and the amount of people watching them, but I guess we'll see!

Nicole started soccer and Mike and I took on the task of coaching. Anyway, I want to suggest that all you parents out their give it a shot. We have had an absolute blast! The little kids are hilarious and the games are quite enjoyable. We're doing ok I guess....we've lost a game, won a game, and tied today (but we're not supposed to keep score in this age group so shhhhhhh!). We think maybe once Nicole is ready to move up to the next age group we might try something else for her. She's just so nervous come game time! She did do a little better today though.

One of the neighbors started a softball team that Mike is a part of. I'm team mom--- which means I'm in charge of the kids for practices and games--- what the hell was I thinking when I signed up for this task?! Last time I was in charge of them during practice, Nicole got a scratched cornea- lovely Mom! (she's fine now, went to the ER with Dad and got some antibiotic ointment). Our first games (yeah, that's right, GAMES- double headers every week) are next Wednesday. I'm anxious to see if the team can pull it together and be good-haha! Team name is Sac Attack in honor of the wonderful cul-de-sac we live in.

Mike is leaving for Italy in a week. A-hole gets to spend Nicole's bday & my bday in a beautiful place. Must be nice!!! He'll be gone a few weeks for that and then is due out again mid June- actually he's due to leave the day of the girls recital (go f-ing figure). He'll also miss the 4th of July. That trip isn't set in stone yet, but those are the dates as of now. Wah wah wah!!!

As for myself, I'm almost done with my class-- all I have left is my final on cinco de mayo. I don't even feel like I've been taking one it's been so easy. In the fall Aubrey will be in school 4 days a week and Nicole will go all day so I will be able to take a few more classes. That will be fun! I have also hit my one year mark for getting off my ass and going to the gym at least 4 times a week. I've lost 27 pounds without really even dieting. I feel a ton better and I hope to lose another 27 this year. I actually enjoy working out, never thought I'd say that!!! We've been doing some major spring cleaning around here too lately. Did the garage yesterday and threw out a lot of stuff-- it's so empty! And I've been going through the girls stuff and have decided I'm a pack rat. I'm serious I have found at least 100 pairs of shoes from them. At least. I'm not even kidding. I'm doing an official count today because Mike doesn't believe me. Anyway, Ada & Addison are going to be hooooooooked up! I can't wait to get rid of this stuff!!!

That's pretty much it. We've been here, we've been'll see in all the pictures. We hope you are doing well and I'm sure we will see you soon!!! Miss & love you all :)



Busch Gardens

We have passes to Busch Gardens........spent lots of time there this season!!! Great place-- the girls are at an awesome age for all of the fun stuff to do there.

The Beach

It was crazy hot last weekend- for April anyway- damn near 100 degrees!!! Anyway, we had Nicole's soccer game and then headed to the beach with our neighbors and Madeline for the afternoon. It was so nice! They girls loved it and I actually got left alone. I'm looking forward to a lot of trips to the beach this summer!!!