Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Update Finally!

I have no excuses really as to why I haven't updated lately. The only reason why I finally got to this is because Mike kept bugging me to do it so he could use the pictures on Facebook since he is member now- haha!

Ok, there is one excuse - I dropped our camera in Mexico and although it still took pictures, I wasn't able to view the ones I took. It was like taking pictures with an old school camera that you had to take the film in to be developed-- I just never knew what I was going to end up with! I actually did pretty good with it though....I dropped the camera right as we entered the resort in Mexico and I have to say all of the pictures from our trip turned out pretty amazing! We didn't get around to buying a new camera until after Christmas so all of our pics from Mexico & up to the new year we like to call "surprise pictures".

I haven't updated since the big pregnancy news came out. How bout that? SURPRISE! I know everyone thought we were done- including us, but the scoop is I always wanted another baby. When we had Aub I was never under the impression that she would be my last pregnancy, last birth, last baby, but we had such a hard time with her the first couple of years it was hard to really even think about having another. Then we got to the point where she was older and we didn't really want to start all over. We were both pretty content with that decision. Something happened though, and I got the itch. I think it had something to do with me going to school and wanting to have a career. I was very excited and am still excited to go in that direction, but little things would always get me thinking.....what I really want to be doing right now is taking care of my kids. I want to be here for them- especially because Mike will be in and out quite a bit over the next few years. It's just so different living a military life than a "normal" life. We obviously don't live around family (besides the Mascitti's) so Mike and I are really all our children have to rely on day in and day out. And I can't just up and abandon them for school or a career when I feel like this is the time they need me the most. If I can be a stay at home mom, this is what I want to do right now. If all that meant that there was a possibility we could have another child, then I was going to do my best to convince Mike it would really be a great thing that could only bring more happiness into our lives. Anyway, it didn't take much convincing and here we are......expecting #3 due to arrive in July.

So the latest otherwise....

Mike is finishing up at his current command and transfers to his new one at the beginning of May. He'll be working much closer to home so that will be convenient. He's going onto sea duty so we are enjoying the time we have together now....we probably won't see a whole lot of him the next three years. He will be busy with deployments and when he isn't deployed he'll be going here and there for training. It will be tough, but we can do it!

The girls are great! They are little best friends and I love it. We recently purchased bunk beds for them so they are roomies now! It was a little tough adjusting at first, but they have settled in and I think they really like sharing a room. They both still take dance and will be in a huge recital in June. We are trying a new sport with them this season-- tball! This is a first for both of them- Aubrey's first sport and Nicole's first time playing tball. Thankfully, they are able to be on the same team. Not only will it be nice for them to experience it together it's nice for us not to have to be out 2 extra times a week for 2 different practices. We just had our first practice this past Thursday. Aubrey said she was so nervous throwing the ball she was going to cry! I will do my best to update soon with fun tball pics!

I'm still incubating! Trying hard not to get gigantic this go round. I have been making sure I get to the gym at least 3 times a week, but it's getting tough! It's just not as fun as it used to be, but I am determined to go until I give birth. My energy level has plummeted this pregnancy. I get worn out pretty easy these days....I think it's because I'm so old this time. Not a young pup in my 20s like I was when I was pregnant with the girls. My girlfriends here are throwing me a baby shower next month. I was never really into people having more than one baby shower (not sure why?) so I wasn't keen on the idea, but they insisted so I'm going with it. I am in serious need of baby items and have nothing boy related in the house so I'm looking forward to the event! As far as school- I'm not taking any classes at the moment, but I plan on getting back into it after I enjoy some time at home with my last baby :)

We are currently on a list to move into a brand new 4 bedroom house. Last we heard we were #20 on the list, but friends of ours that were #13 just got a call that they had a house so it might not be as long of a wait as we thought. We've actually been hovering at #20 for months so we thought we wouldn't be moving until after the baby was born, but I think there is some hope for us and we might move sooner. Mike is going into the office for an update on our wait list status this week. I will keep you posted!

We are gearing up for our first "camping" trip as a family. We're taking the girls to Jellystone Park over Sprink Break. I say "camping" because we won't really be camping. We got a small cabin to stay in. Growing up, I always went camping with my family every year for Easter (camping for real though- in tents!) so I'm looking forward to hopefully starting the same tradition with our kids. There's all sorts of things to do by the campground- there's a safari park that we can drive into and animals eat out of our car (FUN!), there are some caverns to check out, and there's a fishing pond right by our's going to be so much fun!

That's the latest- sorry such a long update! I will update for sure much much sooner than I did this time. I will have pics from tball and from our camping excursion to post very soon!

We miss you and love you all!!!

Lots of pictures below--- all the posts listed under March are new- check them out :)

Nicole's Eyes

Nicole came home one day with a note from the nurse saying she needed her vision tested because she didn't pass the test at school. Anyway, we took her in and her vision is fine....she doesn't need glasses. She got her eyes dilated while we were there and got some sweet shades from the dr! LOL!

Library Field Trip

Annual field trip to the local library with Aubrey's class.

The Aquarium

A trip to the Virginia Beach Aquarium with our girlfriends Jordan & Jessica!

Our little BOY!

Can you people believe it??? We are having a little BOY! Yeah! Knowing this was going to be our last child we tried all the tricks out there that would hopefully make this one a boy. It worked and we couldn't be more excited :)

His name is Luke Robert and he will be here in early July!

Snow in VB

Wicked ass winter here! This snow storm kicked off the most freezing weather I've had to experience since living here in VB. Talk about depressing- we froze our asses off all winter!!! And let's just say the majority of the household prefers warmer temps! It's FINALLY starting to warm up- a little, not as warm as we'd like, but we'll take it!

Check out Mike nailing our pre-teen neighbor, Hannah (who is a sweetheart, by the way) with a snow ball. Poor girl, he was after her all morning!

Lunch Date

Enjoying lunch with big sister at school :)


We had visitors after the new year! My little brother, Clint, and his girlfriend, Jodi, stopped through here on their way from New Hampshire back to Texas where they both go to school. It was nice to see them-- we haven't seen Clint since Nicole was 7 months old and we've never met Jodi! CRAZY!!!

Nicole's 1st Steeler Game

Nicole got to go to her first Steeler game this past season. It was AWESOME! She loved it!

Sledding in Pittsburgh

Took the girls (including Sophie) sled riding when we were in Pittsburgh for Christmas. Aubrey absolutely LOVES the snow and had a blast sledding.....Nicole not so much! Sophie's little feet didn't last too long out there before they went numb and she started walking on 3 legs at a time- haha!

Monday, March 8, 2010


and all the festivities that go along with it!