Monday, March 17, 2008

Hello again!

Not a whole lot to update you on. Same ol shit it seems!

Made it to the ENT for Aubrey and he did see some scarring on one of her eardrums. Said if she gets 1 more infection they'll put tubes. Now watch, she won't get one for months!

Gearing up for Easter! Came way too fast! We'll head to Pittsburgh on Thursday after Nicole's class party & egg hunt.

Mike heads out to sea in April for 10 days or so? And maybe sometime in May (I think he'll miss mine & Nicole's bdays-- figures, damn Navy!).

Hope all is well with everyone! And I hope you all have a Happy Easter!!! I'd be more chatty, but I feel like shit today (I'm suffering a horrible cold). I did post a ton of pictures below-- enjoy them!!!

Love y'all!

Park pictures

Beach pictures

We took the girls to the beach the other day. They had a blast! Can't wait for it to start warming up :) Sophie really enjoyed herself. She totally loved the sand!

Blankie thief!

Aub's favorite things.....she didn't let Sophie have them for that long!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dad's visit to class

February was "Community Helpers" month for Nicole's class. A few parents were asked to speak to the class.....Mike being one of them. He got all dolled up in his dress uniform-- the Moms & teachers have been hot on him since- hahahahahaha! Quite hilarious and we all know Mike loves the attention :)

Library Field Trip

Here are a few pictures from our field trip.....