Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some pics of Aubrey

I'm just all around lagging! I have zero pics of Nicole and just a few of Aubrey. Anyway, check out our snow we had last week. I though VB was going to have to shut down the way they were talking about it. Like it was the storm of the century coming at us. Lame! The other pic is of her in one of her daily outfits. The girl is crazy. If she's not in her pjs she's in dress up clothes that most of the time include tights and her "tapping high heels". We get home from dropping Nicole and she immediately has to change.

Hello, hello!

Jeez. I have definitely been lagging on the blog. Not sure why really. I guess the holidays and everyone being sick for so damn long put me out of the mood. This is the first week (knock on wood) that any of us haven't had to go to the dr. We just had Aub back in last week for her persistent pink eye and it turned out she had an ear infection as well. We've had some car issues too. It never ends around here! I'm sure it's the same where you are at too.

Anyway, things are good otherwise! I just got Aubrey registered for preschool again next year. I put her with the teacher Nicole had when she originally started going. She'll be young for her class, just turning 3 at the start of school. The rest of the kids will be 3....and turning 4 by the end of the year. She's always going to be young as far as school goes. I guess we could hold her back, but I don't think so! She's not at all behind so I'm sure she'll be fine. It was weird though as it all came up and I talked to other moms about it. We had never even gave her age a thought. Like ever. And then all I heard was how people were holding their kids back because they were young (even summer babies, which is CRAZY!). I did get a little freaked out and thought maybe we should do what they are doing. But naaaaaaahhh, we are going to keep her at the pace she's at...we are confident she'll be fine.

Nicole is good. She's chugging along in school. The weeks fly by and are a complete blur. I'll be driving 4 of them on a field trip to the library next week-- oh joy! No registering her for preschool next year, she'll be in public school. WOW! Getting old. I'm glad we won't have tuition costs, that's a plus....but she still seems so little! Could you imagine her on the bus??? Haha! You could probably fit 6 of her in one seat!

Some other news for our household. We're getting a puppy on Monday!!!! Yeah! We actually picked her out in the beginning of January. She'll be a tiny little thing. Mom weighs 6lbs and dad weighs 4lbs....toy rat terrier. Nicole has already named her Sofie...which is much better than some of the other names she had picked out. We're excited! I'll be posting pics next week.

I think the girls and I are heading to Pittsburgh for Spring Break. Mike is going out to sea for a couple of weeks so we're hitting the road. Should be fun, we've never been there for Easter. The girls will have a blast, I'm sure. Fingers crossed it's not freezing ....can you hunt for eggs when there's snow out??? Haha!

We're also getting ready to book our trip out west. We'll head that way in June. Very excited to go since we haven't been in two years. We are making a vacation of it though. We'll be hitting the road again (last time we were there we put 2000 miles on our rental car in two weeks!)-- hoping to spend a couple of days in San Diego, some at home, we'll make a stop in Phoenix, and then head to Utah for some boating action and sight seeing (The Grand Canyon!!!).

So that's it. Sorry this is so long....I know how most of you like to talk shit about how much I write. Well, whatever. I gotta keep you up to date on everything and it's been awhile so stop your bitching!!! Haha!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Aubrey's eyes

I have to say her eyes are much better now, but here's a picture from when they were at their worst. Poor thing! Her and Nicole have gone through an awful bout of pink eye. Nicole didn't get it as bad as Aub, her eyes were only bright red for a few days. Aubrey's were bright red for several days. And they are still glued shut every morning......we're 7 days into the 14 day virus. Oh joy!

Monday, January 7, 2008

The girls

Ok, so the first picture is them on the stairs after Dad got them dressed for the day--- looking stylish!!!! Haha!!!

Second is just a cute picture of Nicole :)

The pouty on of Aubrey is her face she makes when she's telling you she's mad. And then that's her riding in Miss Jen's bike basket with her gloves on.

The holidays

I know I haven't posted in awhile, everyone's been sick and/or we were busy with our extended holiday. Here are some pictures-- enjoy!