Sunday, September 21, 2008

Aubrey is 3!

Miss Aubrey is 3 today!!! It's so crazy to think it's actually been that long since she was born!

Here are some fun pics from the past three Septembers!

We'll have some birthday party pics posted after next weekend :)

Check out the first picture- she's giving us the finger....pretty much been her motto since day one- haha!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


My baby is almost 3!!!

Aubrey started preschool last week and did way better than I thought she would. Last year I think I had to pick her up on more than one occasion because she wouldn't stop crying. This year? Forget it...she loves it! This will be our first year experiencing the whole age thing-- she's the youngest in her class, just under the cutoff date of 9/30. So while everyone else in class is 3 turning 4, she's just 2 turning 3. I'm anxious to see how she does. I actually think she'll do fine. It will be nice to hear what the teachers have to say at our parent/ teacher conference in November.

Aub got to go to dance last week and she had a blast! The first thing she said when she came out of class was "I want to dance again!". Too cute!

Anyway, we are celebrating her birthday in a couple of weeks with a tinkerbelle party once Mike gets home from Mississippi. We are having it the same day as Nicole's first soccer game-- fun day!!!


Real school is here! It's hard to believe Nicole is in actual Kindergarten!!!

Our first week was a little rough....we had one really bad day....but she's good to go now and she absolutely LOVES school.
She also started soccer. Totally fun and she's pretty good at it :)
She gets to go to her first dance class today and she can't wait!!