Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dance Dance Dance!!!!

The Dance Recital. Talk about crazy!!!! It was a HUGE show.....our first time. We were running around like crazy. Thank GOD Grandma could come down and help out since Dad was gone. The girls danced on Friday night and by the time they got on stage at 10pm they were exhausted!!!! They did well though and I think they enjoyed the experience. Meanwhile, this was all going on during the last game of the Stanley Cup. We heard that the Pens won as we were pulling in the driveway!

OBX Field Trip!

Ahhhhhh, the Outer Banks.

We decided that we all needed to go on a field trip to the Outer Banks for the day. Lucky for us (sucks for you all!), we live an hour and a half away- maybe 2 hours tops. Anyway, we gathered all of our best buddies and loaded up the fun and headed out to NC. We went all the way to the end and drove down the beach. The waves were wicked since we had just had a storm so we found an area where there was a pool of water on the beach that the kids could frolic in for the day. Sure enough, late afternoon Joe & his daughter were out in the ocean and they got swept away. The rest of the guys with us went out for the rescue and it just so happed there were lifeguards driving by at the same time. Very scary incident! Happy to report everyone made it out alive--- and Joe came away with a kick ass nickname--- Undertow Joe. Haha!!!