Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where are we???!!!

We're here! We're here!!

Jeez! Didn't know I'd end up 'breaking' from the blog for so long. Sorry! To be honest we were absolutely slammed in May. We had Aub's surgery, Mother's Day, Nicole's birthday, my birthday, and Nicole's preschool graduation all within a couple of weeks of one another. It was nuts! By the time June rolled along we were ready for vacation.

We got to go out west to see my family for a couple of weeks. It's been a good two years since we had been so it was awesome to be able to go. And we did a bunch of fun things besides just visiting with the fam. It was really a vacation this time!

Anyway, below this post you will find several that will get you caught up to where we are now. There's one from Nicole's graduation, her birthday party, and then a few different ones from our vacation---- tons of pictures!!!

When we returned we attempted swimming lessons for Nicole. She lasted a total of 3 days before she freaked out and said she didn't want to go back. Guess we'll try again next year! Haha! We just got her signed up for soccer too. She damn near had a panic attack just signing up (she is so silly!). Hopefully, she gets into it when the season starts...I'm sure she'll love it!

I got a wild hair up my ass the week after we got back and decided it was time to potty train Miss Aub. It went well....she's officially potty trained. It took a week or so before she stopped having accidents, but she's good to go now!

We are getting ready to head to Myrtle Beach with Grandma, Pap, and Aunt Katie next week. Can't wait!!! Poor Mike has to stay home. He's got some exercise going on with work that he can't miss. We are very excited to see Katie and her expanding belly! And we have really missed little Sophie! She returns next weekend with Bill and Eileen. They were kind enough to take care of her while we were in CA.

So that's it. You are caught up! It took me days to get all the pictures on here so you better enjoy them- hahahaha!

The Grand Canyon

Not too many pictures from here because the girls were absolutely terrified! Can't say I blamed them.....there were very few railings on any of the trails along the canyon. The railings they did have were way far out on the points into the canyon. Oohhh, and it was windy!!! I'm lucky they didn't blow away-- especially tiny Nicole!

Lake Powell

What a beautiful place!!! My Grandparents built a log cabin just a few miles from the lake years ago. We consider ourselves lucky when we get to spend some time there! The lake is huge, just slightly smaller than Lake Mead. My brother and his family joined us there with their boat so we got to spend some fun days on the lake.

Sea World!

So we spent our first night in San Diego with our very good friends, Jack, Jamie and their son, Blaze. The kids had a blast together.....I think Blaze & Aub could be an item one day!!! Too cute! Anyway, we went to Sea World with them and while we were there we had lunch with Shamu. The girls loved every minute of it!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nicole's Birthday Party

We got absolutely nailed with things to do in May....not only did we have Aubrey's surgery, we had Mother's Day, Nicole's birthday, my birthday, and the big graduation all within a couple of weeks of each other. It was nuts!!
Anyway, we decided to have Nicole's birthday party on a little farm here. The kids had a blast!!!