Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is in the air!

Is it really? Ha!

We've had a lovely Valentine's weekend ourselves....hope you all had a fantastic one as well! We hung out with our neighbors and had margarita night on Friday. Mike and I took the girls to lunch yesterday. And then today we went and took old time photos (see the post below). We've had to run a bunch of errands too to get Mike ready for his next underway.

Speaking of his underway, he leaves tomorrow and will return next Friday....the 27th. He's going on a small ship this time so he's pretty excited. He's only been on the big boys so far. He's looking forward to the experience. Us ladies are on our own once again. They have told him he'll be in and out all summer too- we won't try to think about that right now.

I can't forget to congratulate all my Steelers fans on their great win! Six time Super Bowl Champions! THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I tell you what, that was a damn good game. So tense! And so thrilling!!! I loved it! Go Steelers!!!

We took the girls skiing for the first time. Check out the post of that below-- tons of pictures!!! It was so fun!

Can't say we've been up to a whole lot else. Mike was gone there for a couple of weeks in Jan so the girls and I stayed busy. School is going well for everyone. Nicole is doing great and has started reading which is pretty exciting! She's getting so old! She brought home a book the other day that she had made titled "Things I Love". On the inside she had drawn a picture of Sophie, one of Eileen (under which she wrote Eileen- not Grandma), one of her Dad, and then a picture of God. No Mom or Aubrey in sight. Aub was so hurt when I read it, she started crying and said that Nicole didn't love her. Poor Nicole said she just ran out of room for Aub and I- funny :) Aubrey loves her school.....she's very particular about who she likes and doesn't like in her class. There's a Spanish (like literally from Spain) girl in her class that she can't stand. Ooooo! Don't even ask her about Iara, she'll get mad if you do. It's so funny! My class is going well and is quite easy. I've got some catching up to do on my reading, but thus far, the assignments have been cake!

Spring Break is right around the corner. I think Mike is going to take some leave so I'm sure we'll be in the Pittsburgh area for Easter. And hopefully the girls will be able to stay up with Grandma & Pap for their week of no school.....Aubrey keeps asking when she gets to stay with them again!

So that's it! We hope you are all doing well and staying healthy! I'll update you all again soon. We miss & love you guys!

Old Time Photo Fun!

So I've been wanting to do these kinds of pictures for-ev-er! My dream finally came true this weekend. They are awesome! We went with the neighbor & her girls....Ava and Kaia....and her life size cardboard husband (her real husband is out to sea until April!) If you click on the pictures below you can see them full size which shows the details a little better.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ski Weekend 09

Kristin & Dave have invited us up to their timeshare in Massanutten for a couple of years now. We finally decided this was the year to take the girls skiing for the first time. We had a blast and they did really well. It was A LOT of work though! I didn't realize it was going to be so tough. We had them out on the slopes for a few hours and then Mike & Dave finished up the day on their own. Mike convinced Dave to go down all the black diamonds AND the moguls so his new nickname is "Mogul Mascitti"......maybe because he slid 60 feet down that one! ha! Anyway, they both enjoyed snow tubing too. They screamed with delight every time they went down the hill. Towards the end, Nicole even went down the hill by herself (so brave!)---there's a picture of her-- you can barely see her!

New Tutus

I thought these tutus were pretty sweet so I wanted you to see them......