Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Small Update!

Which will probably end up not being small after I fill you in on everything that is going on ;)

As for Mike- please check out the post about him below. Great video footage of him doing pretty neat stuff at work. He is thoroughly enjoying his work these days. Having a blast doing lots of manly things every day! We finally found out when he's going to deploy- well, who knows, this date could change or be wrong- the latest is he won't deploy until next October. I am very excited about that! I was not looking forward to him being gone over the summer. He will probably be gone a lot before then anyway-- he's been traveling all the time lately. Next trip for him is after Thanksgiving- a couple of weeks.

Nicole is doing great- no news to report there! I'm doing great too- just busy busy busy!

A few weeks ago Aubrey came home with a letter from the school nurse saying we needed to get her eyes checked. No big deal! We got one for Nicole last year- turned out nothing was wrong with her vision. Well, it didn't turn out so well for Aub and we were referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist. Apparently, she hasn't been using her left eye....like at all. Vision is fine in the other eye, and will be fine in the left once she trains it to work properly. At some point, her brain told her to stop using that eye because it is slightly misaligned which probably caused her to see double. Anyway, for now we are patching her good eye for two hours a day and that is supposed to force the bad one to start working. It really doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but we can't just patch her and send her on her way. We have to make sure she's doing something visual to get the eye to work a little bit. Two hours is a big chunk of our day! But we are committed and she has been great with it so far. We found some pretty sweet patches that she just loves. Check out her picture of her with one on :) Also, when we go back the Dr will decide if she needs eye muscle surgery to correct the misalignment. She's borderline now, and the Dr wants to see if the patching helps the eye realign at all in the next few months. So crazy! We had absolutely NO idea. It's no friggin wonder she gave herself the nickname "Eyeball Snooks" over the summer- LOL!

Luke is absolutely fantastic! Him and his father are quite the little buddies and he can't get enough of his sisters. Aubrey actually gets him to laugh the most out of anyone- very cute! His umbilical hernia has almost closed up. His belly button is much much smaller than it was- it looks a lot better. He should be good to go by summer when it's time for him to go topless! We took him to his pediatric urologist appointment and as of right now they aren't in a rush to do surgery. They would like to wait until his lungs are more developed since he has to go under general anesthesia. We will go back there in April sometime to decide when it is going to happen. They referred to it as a "webbed" penis if you want to look it up- haha! Quite common and no big deal. He just started rolling onto his side-- all the way over on occasion-- and he is huge! Sixteen pounds at his 4 month check up!

The holidays are right around the corner-- looking forward to Mike getting some time off. Not doing much for Thanksgiving- staying home & pigging out! We are still trying to figure out when we are coming to Pittsburgh. Obviously, we are coming soon- just not sure when yet. Can't decide if we will be up for Christmas or New Year's Eve. The thought of traveling with everyone is making us sick really (lol!) so we haven't made up our minds yet. But like I said, we'll be up and we'd love to see everyone :)

So that's it! We miss and love you guys and are looking forward to seeing some of you soon!

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